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Local Authorities

As the councils represent the interests of the communities it serves, partnering with VIDI is highly beneficial, unlike other outdoor media owners, VIDI Outdoor CIC redistributes profits to local third sector organisations that are working to actively improve their communities. VIDI strives to develop strong links with local authorities and differentiate itself from other outdoor media owners by ensuring we comply with local regulations and standards. We support them in meeting their local strategic agenda through directly funding local voluntary sector organisations and charities which achieve those aims and meet pressing local needs from within the community. In other words, VIDI can provide financial support to organizations that help tackle the Council’s most pressing issues and priorities, such as crime, poverty, unemployment and obesity.

VIDI Outdoor CIC provides the council with the opportunity to display their own social or environmental campaigns during downtime. VIDI helps generate good will from local community and local residents, who can associate the social impact of the advert with the local council.

Public safety is the primary concern in the conduct of our business. We therefore ensure that our structures and displays exceed those provided for by law, and to faithfully conduct regular maintenance checks on all our structures so that they remain structurally sound.

In particular, VIDI’s support could be targeted specifically at urgent or under-funded issues as identified by the local agenda and the local community, and help improve the quality of life of the local population.

Not part of a Local Authority?

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